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The Bible Collection movies Ipod
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2007-07-20 20:26:55 GMT
crane_man Trusted

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the bible collection Ipod moives

Samson and Delil

great movies    for all walks of life


this should be in the fictional propaganda section
crane_man: Great stuff.
Dont bother what other ppl says, hopefully they sooner or later understand that there is a GOD and that he has walked the earth in human flesh as Jesus Christ.
Cheers for the torrent mate. :)

God bless you too. =D
Isn't there a commandment about stealing?

Sorry I found it rather funny. Not that i want to hurt anyone feeling

i believe in freedom of speech and expression. not a Christian but possibly a believer.

hypocrites dissing this would b better off dealing with incest and underage porn/sex anime which can be found everywhere online. for them, i guess it's ok to promote things that destroy children but do away with offerings that might actually help someone feel better about themself.

Thanks for this. The quality is amazing. Oh and yes us Christians the closer we get to God the worce the temptation and persecution. I have set my upload limit to unlimited and i am seeding, but it only goes up to 30kbs with a 11mbps connection can you help me to seed this faster so that i don't have to seed this for ten days straight to get to 3 ratio. thanks again
crane_man, don't be disappoint what other said, keep up your good work, the Lord will bless you, remember they are spiritually blind, thats why they don't appreciate what you done unless they accept Jesus Christ as they personal savior, Up load more like this, thanks
Thanks, mate, it's appreciated. You do good work.
If you are anti-Christian, GTFO! Go argue religons on Yahoo chat. Christians FAIL so hard sometimes, but MOST donate monies and personal time to the communities. In my area, they even offer free non-religous professional family counseling. Thats not cheep.

We need more torrents like this one. I'm not a Christian but Sampson and Delilah was a good movie. Oddly these are all movies about Jews, not Christians, as all the characters predate Jesus substantially. This is more like a Judaism primer.
hah, thats just great ;D
still..if you're really really religious you should'nt be downloading this.. ;P /peace out brothers
Oblixiax - 2007-07-21 06:46 CET:
this should be in the fictional propaganda section

I completly agree! Fuck Christianity!

Hail Satan!
Thank you so very much for your upload! Those are great shows... And thanks to all seeders!
I would expect comments from those who care about nothing but themselves

Thank you for the download, do not care for those who try to harm others with words, they are only words and we should pray for them.
[quote]Oblixiax - 2007-07-21 06:46 CET:
this should be in the fictional propaganda section

I completly agree! Fuck Christianity!

Hail Satan! [/quote]

Funny you looked for this just to post anger

i looked for these to teach me children.

those truly with an opened Mind are not angry.
Thanks for the upload crane_man.
crane_man you da MAN!!!!! Every time I need a good movie I know exactly where to go!! God Bless you my friend!!!!!!
I am downloading these now. TPB is a place about free speech and free information. unfortunately this means that those who wish to abuse anyone for any reason are allowed to do so. All in all, I can take the name calling and insults. It reminds me of third grade, where people thought that acting out verbally was getting them the attention they desired.

I appreciate your uploads.

Since torrenting and p2p is NOT stealing, no one here is breaking any commandments. But then again, Crane-man prolly already knew that.

Thanks for the Jesus/Jew stuff!
good job crane_man Romans 1:16 keep up the faith